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I love group projects! Well, sometimes… and honestly, when I stop to reflect, it depends on the group and the love most times may spark up or dwindle depending on the project.

Giving a team a problem to solve as The Art Teacher, really is an interesting chemistry assignment. The interest and activity can range from watching cold water boil all the way through to a pot of boiling pasta water gushing all over the stove.

Group projects help my students learn how to work together as a unified team. I would love to tell you that everything always works out and they are always perfect little well mannered citizens-in-training, able to quickly and independently settle any major differences with respect, kindness and compassion. Well…sometimes in between some very heated passionate exchanges, we get glimpses of unity that we can truly celebrate together.

This quick collage project assignment was given to a few of my classes 4 years ago. It seems like yesterday I watched them choose a colored piece of scrap paper from ‘The Paper Buffett’, add glue and paste it where they thought it looked best on Dr. King’s projected image. They all had a turn and seemed to enjoy the final outcome of everyone’s participation. I quickly scribbled in the marker. I really like it when it is only student work…but they were a little too short. What joy when I turned on the lights.

I think Dr. King would be pleased with his portrait lovingly created by the little hands of second grade students of multi-cultures and a beautiful variety of colors. One project, one unified class objective accomplished, one beautiful portrait, one beautiful human race working together…today, in The Art Room…tomorrow, the world.

~~Lovingly Made by The Art Teacher’s Little Mini-Me Dreamers~~
A Class of 2nd Graders now 6th Graders…